Via Santamaria Degli Angeli, 33
Akasamia is one of my dear friend’s Home in the Medioeval Centre of Itri. An intimate and homely shelter to relax and brood over his own journies. It’s a regenerating place for soul and heart thanks to nice places that South Pontino can offer to You. Akasamia, your Special Place, relax is a dangerous activity! You could find yourself sitted in the living room, near the fire place, drinking a cappuccino or a cup of precious english tea, or a special neapolitan coffee, or you would like to read a book sitted on a comfortable sofa in the library and spend all your time inside. We suggest you to stand up, go out and visit our beautiful landscape. There are lots of things to do and places to see. The Beaches, the Seaside, the Country, the Woods. Getting lost in a timeless Place, where Guests, for us Special and Unique People, can say… I’m at Home.
Declared by the Innkeeper