Via Mario Pagano, 23 - NAPOLI (NA)
A Borgo, one of the oldest in the city, the Virgin, where you can still see everyday scenes of an ancient Naples, rich in folklore, where every gesture refers to a tradition. A typical popular building a few steps from Porta S. Gennaro (one of the entrances to the historic city), the National Museum and Piazza Cavour Metro.

A romantic garden complete with a touch of green the color palette of the city. Inside it is a bright and welcoming house, furnished with antique "ruggiole" (typical Neapolitan tiles), which adjoin industrial furnishings, contamination makes everything pleasantly functional.

Carlo and Marco, the managers, will overwhelm you with their hospitality, full of enthusiasm and passion for the city. Their advice will be like the best tourist guides. Live Naples, come to the "Brogo Vergini Garden B & B"
*Declared by the Innkeeper