Via Tirso, 60
Santa Margherita, PULA (CA)
The Le Margherite Farmhouse is born from a dream: reap our time and start restoring the right priorities of life. Today's life is going to be too frantic and frenzied, and there is no longer time for essential things like conversing with others, exchanging their own experiences and their views. With calm and tranquility And then we thought of building an oasis for ourselves, our family and for those who would like to come and visit us to share the passion for genuine flavors and traditional "home cooking" together with love for one of The most beautiful regions of Italy, Sardinia.

We want to offer our guests not only a holiday, but a real experience so that they can still live and share with us the healthy and genuine climate of the past and the true flavors of carefully cooked organic produce.

If you decide to come, leave home the hassle, stress, and desire to watch TV.

Come and live our lives. Take up some days of your time. This is the invitation we address to all our guests.

We believe in the direct relationship between people and the human relationship that has been established since the first contact, several months before a holiday. For this internet, we can create a more direct and confidential relationship. Our site or some information and tourist information portals are the means we have chosen to give you the opportunity to contact us.

The direct relationship between us and our guests allows us to guarantee the best value for money, faster speeds in response time and booking and high reliability and transparency in communications. This savings allows us to focus our attention on the needs of our guests and ensure greater attention to detail.
Declared by the Innkeeper