Nestled between green hills of the Lunigiana, the “land of the 100 castles”, with wild mushrooms and menhir statues… in 1988 an elderly lady who valued the bond with nature more than anything else finally fulfilled her dream to establish a farm…
This was the start of what was to become the largest herd of dairy cattle in the Lunigiana. The Podere Montese Farm built its reputation on the excellent qualities of its meat, fruit, eggs, vegetables, oil, jams and other agricultural products. After more than 25 years of success in the agricultural sector, it seemed time to open the door to a select type of tourist, creating an Eden in which people can combine relaxation and freedom from stress in walks along the Via Francigena, the ancient pilgrim route from France to Rome, just relaxing by the pool and in the spa with their families, or visiting the production areas to see the cattle grazing in the open fields, the inquisitive goats and docile donkeys, the colourful chickens that, like all the other animals on the farm, are free to wander at will. In 2014 the Podere Montese Farmhouse B&B opened its doors, after a long and major restructuring of the entire establishment, from the barns and sheds to the guestrooms; this meticulous restoration and modernization ensured that we can provide every comfort to our guests, without in the least contaminating the surrounding nature. Space was found for bedrooms, bathrooms, a swimming pool, restaurant, meeting room and spa center.

The materials used were only of the finest quality, provided they accorded with the local rustic style. Podere Montese is situated among olive groves, cultivated fields and woodlands, creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity immediately surrounded by nature. Don’t be surprised to see typical local animals: goats, wild boar, badgers, squirrels, foxes, porcupines and plenty of birdlife. The farm hamlet is surrounded by a park where guests can find the swimming pool and other special features like the old wooden wine casks now transformed into wishing wells, ancient olive and pomegranate trees that hold memories of country life, a dry river bed with just a fountain of water carved into the rock and an old marble sink. The farmhouse/B&B consists of two main areas: the farm proper, with the animals and farm equipment, and the B&B, including the accommodation quarters, restaurant, swimming pool and meeting room. The main building is an old house dating from 1800 which has been entirely renovated; it holds the rooms for guests and the restaurant. Next to the main building is the swimming pool, overlooking the farm valley. Connected to the main building by a pathway covered with a pergola of vines and roses there is a second building, holding 5 double rooms. The third building is located near the entrance of the farm area. The ground floor holds the meeting room, the first floor the apartment “la loggia”. In keeping with the general energy saving policy of the farm, it was decided to install air-conditioning systems only in the places that truly need them. Again with a view to energy saving, each room has autonomous heating/air conditioning controls – guests are asked to kindly use their common sense in setting temperatures.
*Declared by the Innkeeper