Ronc-De-Vaccaz, 122 - DONNAS (AO)
The Jasmin Bed and Breakfast is located at the foot of the charming vineyards of Donnas, in the picturesque wine region of Ronc-de-Vaccaz.

This enchanting establishment, built in the 70s, originally belonged to a skilled tailor family.

Today, Laura, the generous daughter-in-law, passionately manages the B&B Jasmin. A flower enthusiast, Laura has adorned the property with a variety of beautiful plants that are sure to catch your eye.

The house is surrounded by lush jasmine, creating a charming and relaxing atmosphere. You can enjoy an authentic and family-like experience during your stay.

Delicious breakfasts can be served in the lovely lawn behind the house, allowing you to savor local flavors in a peaceful and nature-filled environment.
*Declared by the Innkeeper