Via Casetta, 226 - Domegliara, SANT'AMBROGIO DI VALPOLICELLA (VR)
The B&B Casa Iole is located in a strategic crossroads between Verona city, Valpolicella, Lake Garda with Gardaland/Garda Parks, and the thermal complex of Verona/Aquardens.

From a historical point of view, the Bed and Breakfast Casa Iole is part of a rural dwelling from the mid-1700s, and its premises reveal and express its history.

This is why the BB Casa Iole is unique and not made up of the usual refurbished spaces, square rooms, with straight and rectangular ceilings.

Looking at the BB from this perspective, everything makes sense:
- The internal courtyard represents moments of work and the true social life of the past.

- The house is built with large granite stones taken from the Adige river because that was available in the 1700s.

- The double outer wall provides support and stability to the existing structure.

- The worn marble in the central part of the main entrance door of Casa Iole is there to allow the passage of barrels intended for field work.

- The original dome ceiling in the spacious central area of the open space provides stability to the house.

- The arched ceiling in the bathroom/shower area emphasizes a transition area between two rooms that are no longer present.

- The recess in front of the double bed, in the TV position, used to be the window for the animals present in the premises.

- The recess in the sink area used to be a passage to connect the various parts of the house.

- The one-meter thick wall was designed to provide stability and coolness to the space.

- etc.

In conclusion, understanding the BB from this perspective is beautiful, reassuring, and extraordinary because not only do we embrace its life history, but we also have the opportunity to travel with the time machine.

From a modern usage point of view, the BB Casa Iole is ideally composed of two units available to guests.

The first unit consists of a 43 sqm open space, called "Open space Iole," newly renovated, with ventilated flooring (never cold and always dry), underfloor heating for the winter (providing the same temperature throughout the space, without unnecessary radiator clutter and safer, especially for children), original private bathroom with a large arched ceiling shower, breakfast/kitchen corner with local marble parts (brunello marble for the sink from the 1930s). Breakfast is Anti-COVID as there will be no contact with other guests or B&B staff.

This first "living unit" is located on the ground floor of the house, with an independent entrance, parking in the private courtyard, and for the summer, there will be a beautiful PORTICO (new in 2021) available in the private courtyard for reading or other activities.

The well-lit and airy environment is very characteristic, revealing an entire wall with exposed river stones. All this is original and authentic, not the result of renovation, as the BB Casa Iole is part of the dwelling of the factors/sharecroppers of the Venetian nobles from the 1700s, Conti Rovereti/Zurla, whose Villa is still present in Domegliara, 200 meters from the BB.

This spacious area is naturally cool during the summer because the walls are one meter thick. The furnishings are in harmony with the structure. This first living unit can accommodate up to five people and is a large open space with breakfast, kitchen, bed, and bathroom areas.

The second living unit called "Iole for families and couples," located on the first floor of the house, consists of an original room for two people ("Iole for parents") and a small bedroom ("Iole for children"). It is separate from the rest of the house and constitutes a standalone unit. The living unit has a bathroom for the rooms and a dedicated breakfast area designed to avoid contact with other guests. It is therefore an anti-COVID area of the highest safety and only frequented by guests of this living unit.

In summary, the location of the BB is strategic as it is in the center of Valpolicella and downstream of the Lessinia Regional Park, 8 km as the crow flies from Lake Garda (Lazise) and its attractions such as Gardaland, Parco Natura Viva, Caneva World, Movieland, Parco Baia delle Sirene (the most beautiful park on Lake Garda).

The BB is only 16 km as the crow flies from the center of Verona, 900 meters from the new Aquardens thermal complex, and 10 km from the Villa dei Cedri thermal center in ColĂ  di Lazise.

Public services are convenient, as there is a railway station in Sant'Ambrogio, 1.5 km away, which can also be reached on foot in 15 minutes. There are frequent public bus services to everywhere, and the bus stop is very close. The Verona Nord or Affi highway exits and Verona Airport can be reached in a few minutes by car.

Other things to know:
Near Casa Iole (100 meters away), there is a takeaway pizza place called "San Francisco da Sonia" that makes excellent pizzas. You can comfortably order pizza and consume it in your living unit in the dedicated area.

If you want something more complete, near Casa Iole (600 meters away), there is the "Supermercato Rossetto" which offers ready-made gastronomic products (cooked directly by them) ranging from fish (fried and grilled) to various types of vegetables and side dishes, pasta and rice, various types of meat, etc. It offers a varied cuisine of good quality and at affordable prices. So, this is also a great opportunity to consider if you are tired or want to stay with your family in the evening or upon arrival. It's worth it.

In Casa Iole, in each distinct living unit, you will also have a refrigerator, microwave, coffee machine, kettle, toaster, pots, plates, glasses, support bases, etc. In short, a complete service.

If you prefer to dine out, "Casa Iole" will suggest the best options for you with a mix of local gastronomic culture, not to be missed, as food is also a curiosity and culture, and at an excellent price. Trust us.

We have the possibility to offer slightly discounted entrance tickets to Aquardens (we are, as the crow flies, 900 meters from the new thermal baths), Gardaland, Movieland, Parco Natura Viva, and Parco SigurtĂ .
*Declared by the Innkeeper