Strada Vicinale Padò, Snc
The reasons that can push a person to choose a few days or an entire vacation that most approaches to nature are manifold; escape from everyday stress and noise, the need to rediscover the rhythms of life more suitable to their balance etc..

This magical place, while being only 20 minutes from the A4 motorway, allows guests to feel far away from the world and in full contact with nature.

Our house is a stone farmhouse of 1921 which partially refurbished in the 70s, retains the taste of the life that he lived 100 years ago.

It is located 650 m above sea level, about one kilometer of dirt road (passable only by off-road) from the town center of Zone (BS) and overlooks Lake Iseo.

Surrounded by greenery, surrounded by hornbeam and beech woods and isolated from any other inhabited house, it allows an invigorating contact with nature, in absolute peace and relaxation.
Declared by the Innkeeper