Podere Bizzarri, 42a - SCARLINO (GR)
This ancient Tuscan farmhouse, built in stone at the beginning of the 1900s, has recently been renovated while maintaining its original appearance. Some rooms have been converted from the old stable, where you can still admire the troughs transformed into unique bed headboards, which give a special touch to the environment. The floor and the ceiling retain their original look, with the classic terracotta tiles, oak beams, and stone joists. On the stone arch of the main door, you can still see the emblem of the old family, with the initials and the year of construction of the farmhouse, 1906!
The structure still preserves the characteristics and materials of the time, just like in 1905. Even today, on damp days, you can perceive the scent of the grape harvest and freshly extracted olive oil. Initially conceived as a rectory (just observe the expensive chiseled granite stones, used only in churches), the farmhouse underwent modifications for unknown reasons, eventually becoming the main residence of the farming family, with the stables, oil mill, and cellars.
*Declared by the Innkeeper