Via M. Rocca, 12 - TAORMINA (ME)
If you like cackles, dins, smog, confusion not to continue to read, because Villa Almoezia it is not the place for you.

A few minutes from the historical center of Taormina, attainable through a staircase set in the rock with sight breathtaking, under the Saracen castle and to few footsteps from the Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Mountain there is a romantic panning oasis "of coolness and of silences" interrupted only from the tweet of the birds and from the rustle of the branches to the wind.

In the garden of 2000 mqs pertinence of Villa Almoezia nearby to grapevines, Saracen fig trees, cherries, citrus fruit, almond tree, prugne, olives tree and mediterranean flora, among perfumed essences of bouganvilles and jasmines there is the guesthouse, wath it is formed by five rooms with bath incluted, Sicilian typical furnishing for a comfortable stay, bed linen and bath linen, garden furnishings, conditioned air, solarium, barbecue and swimming pool.

The Villa doesn't also have only the merit of the quiet, but also that of the maximum privacy. It is an unique place, the place had a preference for by the couples that they seek calm and from those people who want to intensely live all the occasions of fun that offers the worldly Taormina. Villa Almoezia it is an alfway between a bed and breakfast and an agriturismo with the conveniences of a hotel.
*Declared by the Innkeeper