Via Roma, 13 - OZZERO (MI)
A small independent apartment in a 15th century dwelling with a garden and swimming pool inside the Ticino Park which has a golf course and riding centers.

No. of beds: 3 (4 if children) kitchen, fireplace, TV, toilet with shower, swimming pool, parking. bike riding.

Member of Union of European Historic Houses Assns.

Palazzo Barzizza History (Barzizza’s Palace, early Century XV).

Construction risen at the beginning of ' 400 on lands yielded from Gian Galeazzo Sforza to the Malabarba and from the Landlord passes to the Barzizza. Guiniforto Barzizza, born in the 1406 from Gasparino and Lucrezia Alliardi, got married to Giovannina Malabarba. Barzizza’s palace had the honor to accommodate the Dukess Bona di Savoia, Duke Galeazzo Maria Sforza (means Strains) ’s spouse and mother of Giovanni Galeazzo Maria. During years 1481-2, Bona lives in the Castle of Abbiategrasso, here relegated by Lodovico the Moro, watched by Cosima Briosco. In a relationship to his Lands Lord, the Briosco annotates about a walk horseback carried out by Bona with her court: " … and we came to Ozello to house of Ambrosial Gaspar Braxigia ET (and) there we stayed a short time". From Caspar Ambrogio for succession, assets arrive to Gerolamo, whose will (1640), today unfortunately gone lost, was until a few years ago, still visible in files of town hall. In the testament a bequest for one yearly Mass was arranged, in universal suffrage for himself and Clara, his spouse. Contract unfortunately respected unilaterally. It is he left the shield, but for a long time nobody remembered engagement any more. In the festivity of S. Martino portraits of him and that one of Clara Casata (means Lineage), his wife. Every heir was to be called Boniforte or Gerolamo. The recent works of recovering, have recovered a great fireplace in warm lime stone, with decorations in bas relief carrying on the fronton the coats of arms of the lineage, the names of Clara and Gerolamo and the date of construction: 1596. On the side shoulders the faces of the Lands Lords represented in medallions the ancient Romans way. A second fireplace fresco painted with allegory regarding the time. Warnings about time and a need to profit it, are repeated wherever like a obsession. The influence of the Barzizza in the history and the life of the country, arrives up to day. The nickname of (slang word for crew) for natives, seems to derive just from him. The generosity of Barzizza, while conditioned by the times it does not have therefore to be seen with the today value judgments, is revealed also in a special bequest to protection of the weakest people: widows and orphans. But, also in fables always comes the moment of a "but", pardonable habit of a particular way. Just to let everybody recognize them as Barzizza’s benefits users, they had to carry special little cloaks, austere as it concerns to whom lives in the pain. Black cloaks gladly worn in spite of any imagination in windy days, like as many small crows.

In the external porch have been recovered some frescoes, carrying a later date: 1624. The total court goes back to XVII century. A particular that says many things about castes and its privileges: the owner’s wing has splendid columns in pink granite. The one of servants instead, is made by bricks.

Just to the ground floor, some flats still carrying ancient fascination, can be enjoyed by everybody, thanks to a small Bed & Breakfast. The Palace became therefore property of the noble family of Gerolamo del Frate, died the 28/04/1729 leaving it to Donna Maria Rezzonico, his wife. The Count Alexander Della Torre Rezzonico leaves palace and assets of Ozzero to the Institute of the Deaf and Dumb. The assets pass therefore to the Town Council of Ozzero that sold the asset: it became again property of a private, the Migliavacca family, in 1989 again for sale and arrived the present owner. Centuries and humans have been not fair with Barzizza’s Palace: if you can have comprehension with the destiny of the old park destroyed to build an asylum for youngest, it has been cancelled a little piece of history of Ozzero in knocking down old stables and warehouses in order to build up in style years 50. In the porch of the owner’s wing was installed a bakery. Buildings, heat and soot have damaged frescos. A truck coming on the road tears of a balcony from the external facade. But today the construction, in spite of the endured attacks, still keeps traces of ancient beauty and still is protected by the Fine Arts Public Organization.
*Declared by the Innkeeper