Via Dei Fiorentini, 4
Daily living in Naples is wonderful. Its historical, human and naturalistic shows are able to make yourself in a good mood. This is one of the reasons why we decided to share with as more persons as possible the sensations that this amazing city communicates. A city unique in the world. Our aim is to please every costumer’s wish and to satisfy all his requests for making his vacation or his business trip confortable, enjoyable and pleasant, with all moral values tipical of neapolitan citizens. A royal and magnificent atmosphere in the common spaces embellished with Sergio Siano photographer’s products and with Patrizia Balzerano painter’s products is the starting point for the tipical neapolitan 40s design of the rooms. In the most stategic place of the city, situated in Matteotti Square between Guantai Nuovi street and Diaz street there is the stately edifice built between 1938 and 1940 by Camillo Guerra engineer. The Guest House can be found inside this prestigious building, in the district zone of San Giuseppe. The location is just a few steps away from the amazing Toledo Metro Station and from the tourist port, so it is possible to reach by foot the old city and all the most famous monuments in Naples.
Declared by the Innkeeper