Via Fontana Del Ferro, 30
Why should “Casa Gilda” be your choice in Verona?
Because it is wonderfully situated, just a few minutes’ walk from the city centre, the Arena amphitheatre with its spectacular, world-known opera season performances, romantic Juliet’s balcony and tomb, impressive Castelvecchio (the old castle with its mediaeval bridge over the river Adige), sentimental Giusti Garden. Besides, numberless other historical, archaeological and artistic landmarks: many amazing churches (such as Sant’Anastasia, Duomo - the cathedral -, and San Zeno), delightful squares (such as Piazza Erbe, Piazza Dante, and Piazza Bra), old bridges, museums and art galleries.

You will not have to care about driving a car, as everything is at a comfortable walking distance.

If you would like to be in natural surroundings, you could walk or jog up the easy foothill behind “Casa Gilda” to the park and Castle of King Theoderic (which was turned into barracks by the Austrians in the 19th century), enjoy the most beautiful and comprehensive view of Verona, then come down a set of winding, picturesque stairs, while closely appreciating the ancient Roman Theatre and Bridge over the meandering river.

As the city is steeped in history from the ancient to the modern times, you may not want to miss the vast, imposing, historical defence system, which typifies the strategic relevance of Verona during the centuries: walls, fortifications, barracks, ramparts, bulwarks, from the medieval Scaligeri lordship down to the nineteenth-century Austro-Hungarian empire.

You may want to discover fine restaurants, “osteria”, “trattoria” (popular wine-and-dine places) and “pizzeria” and relish in their friendly atmosphere and good cuisine.

Plentiful, delicious breakfasts will be served at “Casa Gilda”, in its pleasant garden as well, when the weather is fine.

Suggestions will always be very welcome as to how to make your stay more agreeable and unforgettable, as we hope that you may wish to come back to our beautiful city.
Declared by the Innkeeper