Via Raffaello Sanzio, 7
Rignano Flaminio is at 30 km north of Rome still in the province of the eternal city.

Rignano is an ancient town with relevant leftover by the etruscans, the old romans, the middle ages in special by the dominion of the noble Savelli family.

Geographically in rolling countryside, encircled by four green parks – Veio, Treia, Soratte and Tiber, Rignano is very close to interesting, significant sites the likes of Calcata, Faleri Novi, Civita, Bomanzo, Caprarola, Orvieto, Farfa, Tivoli, Cerveteri, Taormina, Viterbo, Tuscania.

Casa Raffaello is situated in a vast private propriety, in a wooded area facing the roofs of the ancient village, the ruin of a castle and the imposing mountain of Soratte at a distance. The area is under landscape protection for a better fruition.
Declared by the Innkeeper