LocalitĂ  Nassetta, Snc
The Guardia dei Mori Hotel is the ideal starting point to enjoy and to uncover the enchanting beauty of the Island of San Pietro thanks to its isolated and peaceful position, easily accessible from the harbour of Carloforte; located on the north-east side of the island, on the highest hill sheltered from the unceasing buzz of the city life.

Wound by a rigorous pine forest, a few steps from the tower that once signalled the arrival of the North African pirates, the hotel enjoys a panoramic view of extraordinary beauty, which embraces the whole archipelago spread with gliding boats that sail silently. The view embraces also the islands of Piana and Ratti, coming close to the pleasant skyline of the mother island’s coasts.

Surrounded by the typical Mediterranean Scrubland, it allows to experience the definite taste of the purity of Sardinia. An incredibly uncontaminated blue sea, rocks that reflect a particularly intense light, air wiped away by the north mistral wind, the odour of saltiness mixed to the scent of myrtle, rosemary and juniper.

Breathing deeply. It inebriates and it reinvigorates as the most aromatic of elixirs.
Declared by the Innkeeper