Via Carponeto, 6 - Montelicciano, MONTEGRIMANO (PU)
B & B The Path of the Goths was born to be an unforgettable experience for guests of the beautiful property recently renovated and opened July 1, 2015.

Breathtaking views on the boundary between two of the most beautiful Italian regions, Marche and Emilia Romagna and a State, the REPUBLIC OF SAN MARINO, in recent years also become, UNESCO HERITAGE site.

The property takes its name from the famous TREASURE DOMAGNANO, place (in the Republic of San Marino) in which mid '800, was found, one of the most important archeological treasures among the finds of the Italian peninsula.

Also called TREASURE OF GOTI, dating back to the V-VI century AD, jewelry and accessories for dressing in gold and precious stones, finely worked. The treasure today, is preserved and visible both in the State Museum of the Republic of San Marino and at the British Museum in London.

The villa has a large agiamento in quiet location in the countryside, at an altitude of 650 m. above sea level. A large forest of pine, fir and cypress, which are part of the same property and therefore usable, it borders on the left and the building containing the rooms of the B&B is nestled in a LARGE GARDEN PARK 3000 square meters served by 2 VIALI and 2 COMFORTABLE CAR PARKING.

The structure is a two-storey house which houses the wonderful spaces at B & B:
- The ground floor is a BEDROOM with private bathroom, called EMERALD ROOM, upstairs there are two more rooms designed, THE RUBY DOUBLE and SINGLE AMBER having both independent bathroom. The latter are equipped, those of JACUZZI JACUZZI, who showers with TURKISH BATH and WHIRLPOOL. All rooms are also equipped with, among other things, of ULTRA-FLAT TV.

The villa as you have probably included, has high quality finishing: quartzite flooring downstairs and wooden floors upstairs.

The rich BUFFET BREAKFAST will be served in the two dining rooms, lounges and in them, you can also celebrate all your special moment. These large rooms are equipped with large panoramic porch, the ground floor and a large terrace with sea and park, the first floor. In both, there are 2 beautiful fireplaces, able to create the best atmosphere in the beautiful and unforgettable winter evenings.

The whole property is accessible from two comfortable avenues, is completely enclosed so perfect even though the host pet can run in full freedom and security for all the 3000 square meters of the park. The two entrances to the villa, consisting of automatic gates, have no time restrictions, either for input or for output.

Garden beds and umbrellas are available to guests because they can fully enjoy the area, in perfect relaxation.
*Declared by the Innkeeper