Vocabolo Belforte, 36/A
Fiore, TODI (PG)
Belforte Castle is a XV century fortress situated on a small hill in the countryside at 3 km from the town of Todi. The Castle is surrounded by woods of oaks and holly oaks and it has a view on a beautiful and unique landscape.

The fortress has been built by the noble Todeschini family and it is located in the middle of a big plot of land and stands on the slope above the Arnata's creek.

The legend says that in the underground there is a long hidden tunnel, full of treasures, that goes from Belforte to the fortress called “La Torraccia” and to the so-called “Fiore Castle”.

The castle, severe and massive, was downsized over time and became a farmhouse owned by the Nuns Congregation of Charity of Todi.

From 1972 Belforte, largely restored, is a property of the Dominici family.

The four rooms with private facilities and the Breakfast Room (the “Convivium”) are the result of the able and careful renovation of the castle and guests can benefit of them:
- Todeschini Room
- Nobles Room
- Swords Room
- Chess Room.
Declared by the Innkeeper