Via Giovanni Da Procida, 61
"Il leone di mare" is a complex of rooms set in a green garden old, near the beaches of the bay of Chiaiolella. The original building is born of the pioneering spirit of a man who, at the beginning of the last century, he emigrated to the Americas, made a small fortune and returned to the island to buy a land to build the house. Today, one of his distant nephews Fabrizio Wall, has completely renovated, making it the ideal place for those seeking a holiday special. The property is located on two floors, surrounded by ancient lemon grove from which you can see the sea and breathe its magic. The rooms are tastefully decorated, and every modern comfort, while respecting tradition. To represent the beauty of the island, much beloved by artists of all ranks, Fabrizio wanted to be inspired by the images of the best movies shot on location. Each room is what the headline and reflects the setting: The Postman, Graziella, Arturo's name the best known. The island is "told" in a journey in stages, according to the vision of filmmakers who have immortalized in images portentous. A sentimental and artistic itinerary through the most touching images of the history of Procida. A rise is mainly the love of those who have seen and known, even within short stays enchanted. For all Procida is never just a holiday destination, we invite you to discover it. We look forward to Sea Lion: a "safe place" where you feel comfortable.
Declared by the Innkeeper