Via, P. F. Calvi, 15 - DOMEGGE DI CADORE (BL)
Rossodisera. This and much more you will find in the elegant and refined B&B that stands on the shores of Lake Centro Cadore, in Domegge, with the Spalti di Toro, the Monfalconi, and the Marmarole as a backdrop.

The Dolomites, recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are an essential part of the landscapes you can enjoy in the sunrises and sunsets tinged with a thousand shades of red: that red that inspired the great sixteenth-century painter Tiziano Vecellio, born not far from here.

The magic of this late 19th-century house, expertly restored respecting the "lived experience" of the walls, the precious and fragrant woods - Swiss stone pine, fir, larch - and the precious wrought iron friezes with which it is adorned, will help you tune into the legends that have populated this territory over time: of the Pale Mountains, of King Laurin's roses, of the beautiful Soreghina, of Dolasilla and Raietta.

Gathered around the "hearth", you can rediscover these fairy tales, which the hostess loved very much as a child, so much so that the rooms are now marked by the enchantment of those legendary names.

And then you will find traces of past artifacts in the fabrics and natural fiber linens, made of raw hemp and cotton.

Anna and Francesco with their children Giacomo and Ginevra will make you feel the warmth and color of this house and their family.

Waking up in the morning, in the silence of the park's nature, the songs of sparrows, great tits, blackbirds, and robins will bid you good morning.

You may happen, looking out the window, to see deer eating apples under the trees, while the scent of bread and the fragrant air of resin invite you to enjoy a plentiful and healthy breakfast, mainly based on organic products from the local area, with particular attention to the requests and needs of the guests.

In the serenity of the place, children can engage in small creative workshops, such as making elderberry syrup: this is also a playful way used by the family to discover the richness of local traditions.

And in the evening, sitting on the spacious terrace, enjoying a good glass of red wine and maybe a hearty snack, you can rest in peace with yourself and the world, listening, if it is the right season, to the roaring of deer in love.

We await you with open hearts. See you soon.

Anna, Francesco, Giacomo, and Ginevra.
*Declared by the Innkeeper