C.da Fiori - Sp50, - MENFI (AG)
Lemalù is born in a context that contains the essential characteristics of western Sicily. A place whether to find himself/herself/themselves in calm and intimacy after a dynamic day, to the insignia of the sun, of the sea, of cultural or naturalistic excursions.

To few meters from Lemalù you can introduce you on the cycle Footstep, from a little completed, that a pleasant walk will offer you in the rural landscape, that will conduct you up to the sea from the inhabited center of Menfi; in bike you can reach the splendid seaside resorts of I Bring Pole, Beach flowers, white giache bianche thanks to the predominantly level nature of the territory.

Menfi, City Of the Wine, in position centered in comparison to Sciacca and Selinunte, it gives occasion to visit ancient buildings recently restructured, that, especially during Inycon, celebration of the wine, is animated by tastings, shows and shows.

Lemalù proposes four apartments, adjoining but with separate entries, of recent construction, two external showers, terrace, garden, parking lot auto.

Every apartment is constituted from:
- Matrimonial Chamber, with TV and climatization
- I bathe with Shower
- Zone day with angle cooks, Read Couch
- The endowments foresee:
- Bed linen and from Bath
- utensils from kitchen.
*Declared by the Innkeeper