Largo Giulio Cesare, 101 - TORINO (TO)
If you have decided to visit Turin, you will be our guests at the bed and breakfast of Largo Giulio Cesare 101. Troverete a family atmosphere cozy and warm, and you're ten minutes from downtown. Turin is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe; its Romanesque, Gothic, Medieval, Rococo, Baroque, Art Nouveau makes it unique.

In Corso Giulio Cesare 101 (under the house) you can take the light rail line "4" through the famous Piazza della Repubblica, home to the largest open-air market "Port Palace "; You have entered the heart of the city and you have reached the Roman Quarter; in via Milano, you can see the Palace seat of the Council and the Town Council; a short walk along Via Palazzo di Città encounter the Church of Corpus Christi - you are at the Duomo !
Entering the Castle Square, headquarters of the Regional Council and the Prefecture, you can visit the famous church of San Lorenzo, Palazzo Madama, Palazzo Reale, the Teatro Regio and you're there in the heart of the Museums and the most picturesque squares: Piazza Carignano site of the first Parliament Italian; Piazza San Carlo; Piazza Emanuele Filiberto, called Piazza Carlina; Revenue in the palaces and admire the courtyards, there's interesting. Looking at Turin with the " nose up " you can enjoy many beautiful details. Via Pietro Micca is not to be missed.

Your North Star is the Mole Antonelliana, the seat of the Museum of Cinema, with interesting new proposals in the history of Italian Cinema and beyond; Via Po with its arcades will guide you to the Pantheon of the Great Mother, crossing Piazza Vittorio. You are at the Po with Murazzi and the many cultural circles and admire the mountains and the Capuchins Superga..well come in our beautiful city.
*Declared by the Innkeeper