Via Occhipinti, 65 - MODICA (RG)
"A country shaped like a split pomegranate; near the sea but rural; half restricted on a rocky spur, half scattered at its feet, with many stairs between the two halves, acting as peacemakers, and clouds in the sky from one bell tower to another, hurried like messengers of the King's Cavalry." - Argo the Blind or The Dreams of Memory by Gesualdo Bufalino.

Chicchi di Melograno is a small but charming B&B in Modica. It was born from the renovation of an ancient Sicilian house located in one of the historic neighborhoods of the city, among cobblestone alleys and houses that have maintained the charm of a bygone era. The structure is in a fortunate position that immediately captures the extraordinary urban location of Modica.

It can be reached by car from the road that leads to one of the most beautiful panoramic points of the city, as well as on foot through characteristic alleys and stairs. Chicchi di Melograno is a few steps from the heart of the city, Corso Umberto I - full of shops and pastry shops.

"Chicchi di Melograno" owes its name to the famous piece by Gesualdo Bufalino, but it also expresses the unique arrangement of the rooms "scattered like seeds" near the central body. The structure consists of 4 double rooms (with the possibility of adding one or two extra beds), obtained from the expert recovery of small houses and furnished with taste and extreme attention to detail, in a balanced combination of furniture from the early 1900s and contemporary pieces of furniture. All rooms have independent entrance, private bathroom, and overlook a common courtyard equipped with tables and chairs to better enjoy relaxing afternoons.

In the common space with a kitchen, breakfast is served, an environment dominated by the white typical stone of Modica skillfully brought to light!

All rooms are equipped with TV, minibar, hairdryer, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and courtesy line.

Chicchi di Melograno is the ideal solution to discover the enchantment of the city of Modica and its surroundings, as well as to visit the nearby cities that have received, with Modica, the recognition of World Heritage by Unesco.

Modica and surroundings

"Modica is an unexpected wonder... It is a bizarre, unique effect, something even unreal as seen in the distorting prism of dreams, like an immense phantasmagoric fairy-tale building, which, instead of floors, is made of layers of houses. From this piling up, bell towers and bell towers rise." - Lionello Fiumi

"The country was a theater, a proscenium of pink stones, a feast of marvels. And how it smelled of jasmine in the evening. I would never tire of talking about it, of returning to mirror myself in such a tender mirage of distances." - Gesualdo Bufalino
*Declared by the Innkeeper