Via Garibaldi, 75
At the south-western part of Sardinia overlooking the island of San Pietro called by the ancient Romans "Accipitrum Insula, " the island of the Sparrow Hawks.

Carlisle is a town on the island and is in the center of the country that is the B&B Garibaldi75 named after the street where it is located: Via Garibaldi, for carlofortini the historic "carrugiu du Bungiardin. "
The property is located a short walk from the seafront, Republic Square, the church of San Carlo and the monument of Carlo Emanuele III and is located on the second floor of a small building.

The B&B offers its guests comfortable rooms and 2 colorful and a good breakfast served by the owners in a pretty room.

The rooms are equipped with air conditioning and TV.

Daniela Pino and Pina will be delighted to welcome their guests with warmth and grace in order to make your stay as happy as possible.

On the island of San Pietro, therefore you can enjoy a relaxing holiday, discovering the beautiful waters and coastline, tasting the flavors of traditional Ligurian-tabarkino.

COD. IUN.: E4706
Declared by the Innkeeper