Via A.ponchielli, 3/5 - PADERNO PONCHIELLI (CR)
"The first time I saw this place I thought that calling it "home" was too reductive and, before even deciding to buy it, I was dreaming to open a B&B that I would have called "Spaziovitale".

Purchase, design, renovate and then start the business have not been easy, but today I am glad I did it because I created exactly what I always wanted: a place where anyone, in his/her way, can find his/her own living space in rooms that, like white papers, can take the colors and profiles of the people that, from time to time, will live there and in other rooms with well-defined characteristics that I hope will convey joy and positivity. Places conceived for friends, artists, couples, childrens, passionates for cooking, but also for the people who work and who needs to relax in a welcoming environment after a tiring day.

The B&B consists of a very bright loft with four beds, sofa area, dining area equipped with sink, table, microwave, private bathroom with tub / shower.

A large living room where breakfast is served, with tables, sofas, small library, stereo, multi-purpose space suitable for exhibitions, dinners, meetings, trainings, small parties, with the ability to have up to 50 seats.

A double bedroom overlooking the small garden and a private bathroom with shower.

A kitchen with a large glass wall, equipped for cooking in the company.

The gardens are two: the larger one is shared with the owners, but with an area dedicated to the residents and the smaller one for the exclusive use of the residents, where you can have breakfast.

The building dates back to the early years of the Twentieth Century and has been restored, in accordance with the traditional style, with all new installations and complying with the law.
*Declared by the Innkeeper