Via Santa Maria Di Costantinopoli, 94 - NAPOLI (NA)
The Bellini House - the name stems from the idea that we wanted an place downtown where we could invite our friends and guests -- something more than your standard B&B. We imagined a home away from home that everyone could consider "theirs". A house which was made to receive guests, entertain them, intrigue them and most of all, allow them to relax and get to know the city of Naples.

Each room has its own, defined identity with a little story to tell. Inside, you can find objects that were lost and others that were found. Some were re-covered, recycled, up-cycled; while others we re-invented, re-used and transformed. Each object, with its own story and soul, blends seamlessly together with other pieces of design and art throughout the house. If you want, you can look at them, use them, read them, share them, admire them and in some cases even purchase them.

Breakfast is served with the intent of spoiling our guests. The products we offer are mostly organic and/or "local specialty products" which we would like to introduce to our guests and friends Breakfast can be enjoyed in the living room, in bed, out on the balcony or directly at our 800a. d. breakfast bar (check out the story behind this one). The main hall also has a little lounge area with designer chairs and recycled military coffee tables.

In the spring time, it’ll feel like being in the countryside, when you enjoy your cappuccino and cornetto overlooking a lush, green gardens from the private balcony of your room. The perfect way to transform your vacation in Naples. A getaway within your getaway – a moment of pure bliss and intimate meditation.

Within The Bellini House, you can make yourself feel at home, as you skim through your favorite magazine in the living room, abbandon yourself to conversation with other guests at the bar, relax and read a book on the many couches and lounge chairs, or sink back in a cozy chair on the balcony, watching the sun set over a glass of fine wine from our cellar.

To help us with the interiors, we asked three, young and emerging local artists to nararate their stories and “speak” to our guests by transmitting their ideas through their art. Piece by piece, their works create a dialogue between them and the walls and rooms of the house, giving birth to a new form of artistic expression.

The Bellini House is located in the Historic Center of Naples, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Strategically situated within the boundaries of the ancient city walls, all the wonders of Napoli can be easily reached by foot, within minutes. From Piazza Bellini, our guests can begin exploring the city starting from the “intelectual heart” of the town – surrounded by three universities, the Fine Arts Accademy and the Musical Accademy (Conservatorio). Steps away, one can indulge in the 27 centuries of artistic and cultural heritage of the town by visiting the National Archeological Museum, Cappella San Severo, Napoli Sotterranea, Catacombe di San Gennaro, Duomo, Complesso di Santa Chiara – just to name a few.

Getting around is simple: A one-minute walk is needed to reach the Metro stops “Dante” or “Museo” on linea-1 or just a few steps further to reach linea-2 at “Montesanto” or “Cavour”. The famous “Funicolare” is also within walking distance, as are all the major attractions and sites.

The innkeepers will be more than happy to help you find your way, whether its towards the port to reach the islands of Capri and Ischia, or the historic sites of Pompei and Herculaneum, or even just to find the best place to eat the perfect Pizza Margherita. We even offer private tours – or actually, we’re just looking for an excuse to show you all the spectalces our home town so don’t be afraid to ask.
*Declared by the Innkeeper