Vicolo Pomerio III, 14
The B&B “Al Vicolo del Cilento” – “Cilento Alley” is located in the heart of Felitto’s Historical centre (SA), in Cilento National Park, near “Chiesa dell’Assunta” (Church of the Assumption) or “Chiesa Madre” (Mother Church), with the bell tower above, about 40 meters high, born from the miracle of architectural boldness emerging from a rock.

The B&B has a panoramic view of the entire valley of the Calore river, each room provided with a balcony, from which you can admire a magical view. Our comfortable and gracefully decorated residence overlooks the entire valley, and from the balconies you can admire breathtaking views. Relax in the peace and quiet, immerse yourself in nature, and enjoy the beautiful village of Felitto, an ancient historical center.

We have a professional kitchen and as well as a common area for breakfast and reception.

The rooms are gracefully furnished, each with en-suite (private bath), heating and air conditioning, internet access, Wi-Fi, telephone and TV.

Enjoy your vacation in absolute relaxation, away from the background noise of the city, immersing yourself into the past in the medieval narrow streets of the village with the typical smells of the Italian cooking rich with tradition and the flavours of the past.

Visit the Calore canyon, a famous International attraction for passionate and professional Trekkers (hikers and climbers).

Dive into the Calore river, float down in a canoe and, for the bravest, in a kayak, where the difficulty level is the highest in Italy. Also, the bravest venture the exciting new sport of canyoning (river body surfing), and this is the ideal place to practice the courage and dare-devil mentality that this activity demands. Everywhere there are endless walks, bike paths, and, for Mountain Bike lovers, there is the opportunity to discover new, steep mountain paths that burst into the magical nature of Cilento National Park.

Situated in the heart of Cilento’s National Park, we are close to the famous “Paestum Temples”, the ancient city of Agropoli, the nearby Caves of Castelcivita, the abandoned old village of Roscigno, the natural area of Cervati Mountain, the famous Charterhouse of Padula and for shopping lovers (why not?), the new and wonderful Shopping Center “Outlet of Cilento”. Then in the evening return to the green hills of Calore Valley.
Declared by the Innkeeper