Via Valmontana Alta, 2c - MONTICELLI D'ONGINA (PC)
The White Lady B&B is a family owned and operated facility, this, plus the possibility to have customized accomadations and the low prices make us a real landmark between Cremona and Piacenza. We're open all year round and always try to be as hospitable as one can be, in the real B&B spirit and tradition..

Our mansion is not surrounded by other buildings and it's totally immersed in a country environment, silent and tranquil; features appreciated by those who stay for business and as tourits alike. Comfortably reachable either from Cremona (6 km i. e. less than 4 miles) or from Piacenza (22 km i. e. approx 14 miles) because of its vicinity to the State Freeway connecting Cremona and Piacenza. It's situated just in the middle of the Pianura Padana not far from the banks of the Po River (the Great River).

We are always preset ad at your service. We offer a Wi-Fi connection useful to all our guests gor work or play.

Due to its old thick walls, the house is naturally cool but the rooms are gifted with air conditionig.

We really can't wait to host your pets.. any size will do.. In the den we also have a cold drink vendor and provide shelters for bikers and pedal pushers. The guests ar provided with the entrance door key so they can come and go 24/7. We also have a wide parking lot and a beautiful garden.
*Declared by the Innkeeper