Contrada Serralta, 28
Times at TUTTATERRA takes on a cozy and soft dimension. Hurry is not well seen. We prefer stone to concrete, we love wood and not plastic; we favor the grass to the asphalt, a talk to a video game, the silence to the noise, a few friends to a meeting, a country inn to a fast food.

We love good wine, cooking, music, animals, stars, harmony and everything that has an interesting story to tell.

Original and authentic!!!
A traditional country house of Marche, recently restored maintaining the integrity of the house by the use of a conservative restoration that our architects and we strongly wanted.

The marvelous hills all around the house form the background where you can magically breathe rural atmospheres.

The hayloft, the wood oven and everything complete the picture with a swimming pool.

We have lived here for many years enjoying its use, that’s why we decided to start a bed & breakfast.

You can really spend well your time here, we are sure you will be completely satisfied so that you will advise this place to your friends.

We love this land and we are proud of it. In few words, you are welcome!
Declared by the Innkeeper