Via Tebano, 42 - FAENZA (RA)
A part of the old farmhouse has been restored, following the rules of bio-building, in studios with bathroom and kitchenette to accommodate you and give you the opportunity to live the experience of our family in contact with the land we cultivate without 'use of synthetic chemicals. We are a small family run, since we do not have the food service breakfast is replaced by the use kitchen in all rooms, so you can stay in autonomy, making this holiday even cheaper.

Around us you will find festivals, art cities, spas, trails the Tuscan-Romagna and the beaches of the Adriatic coast with its amusement parks.

Rediscover the flavors of the earth with our wines (white red) obtained with organic grapes from old vines of local fruits and vegetables grown in our garden.

We try to respect our environment and to exploit it as little as possible for a life more sustainable for the environment. On the roof there is a small photovoltaic system for electricity company, at his side a solar thermal system for hot water production. In the parking area where you can differentiate your waste. We use eco-friendly detergents and cleaning products from a company near us. In the field we try to preserve biodiversity and limit the intervention to the minimum possible.
*Declared by the Innkeeper