Via Antica Dogana, 66 - Alberese, GROSSETO (GR)
In Tuscany, in the heart of Maremma, there is a natural oasis, where you can experience nature to the full: the Farm Timavo.

Located in Alberese, in the Natural Park of Maremma Uccellina or, where lush vegetation and varied wildlife, living in perfect balance.

Protected areas with deer, wild boars, foxes, herons, hawks, egrets, heron, flying over the farm.

A place where tradition, culture and environment meet: this is the "Farm Timavo".

The Farm Timavo offers guests a relaxing stay in the beautiful setting of the Natural Park of Maremma, revived in full compliance with local architectural.

It is a friendly, with wide green spaces particularly cared which provide a satisfying sense of well-being.

The stillness that surrounds the structure, the hot days and cool nights, ensures guests a relaxing and refreshing with the possibility of quiet reading in the shade of the gazebo or moments of walks cycling between paths immersed in the typical vegetation Mediterranean.

The availability of barbecue can allow you to taste the specialties of the place.

In the heart of the estate olive groves, vineyards and crops.
*Declared by the Innkeeper