Via Francesco Baracca, 79
While visiting the charming city of Ravenna enjoy a stay at Agata’s and a delicious cruelty-free breakfast, prepared with no animal products of any sort.

Vegans, vegetarians, fruitarians and raw foodists are most welcome as well as all other customers wishing to try our specialties which will satisfy even the most discerning “traditional” gourmets.

Particular attention will be paid to celiacs and anyone with food intolerances.

All monuments in the historical centre are within walking distance. Ravenna boasts nine UNESCO World Heritage monuments and in the vicinity there are many other cultural and natural highlights.

While each room enjoys private access, breakfast will be served in our home at a large table created with reclaimed wood.

Such philosophy applies to most of the bedrooms’ furniture obtained from the restoration of existing pieces and from antiques markets or specially-created from salvaged wood.

Agata’s two apartments are situated within the former Callegari factory. The industrial architectural features of the building have been maintained, while the interior has been thoroughly renovated. Thanks to their high ceilings the rooms are very airy and spacious and their large windows offer plenty of natural light. Each room has its own private bathroom, a TV and is equipped with a kettle.

The rent includes:
- Your own room with beds, a kettle with tea and infusions, water, electricity, towels, pillowcases and blankets.

- A wireless internet (wi-fi) throughout the apartment. The wi-fi is connected with the owners one so, during the night when the router is switched off, the wi-fi is also off.

- The whole area is smoke-free -
- Breakfast will be served at our home, downstairs.

- Yoùre inside an apartment, so remember that the use of common areas is available as long as you respect the space and the others living with you and near.

- Remember to save water and energy during your stay. There's a recycling collection system for paper and plastic just close to the main door inside the flat, use it if you need it, for other whaste use the bin in your bathroom.

- Please put your towels on the floor if you would us to change them, while if you decide to use them again just leave them on the rack.

- We accept small pets but please it's in your conscience to know if it's fine for other guests, you know your pets, if they're calm and quiet they're welcome.
Declared by the Innkeeper