Via Colfelice, 30
COVID19 - At each change of guest the entire room (rooms, beds, furnishings, accessories) is sanitized with a professional machine by dispensing 180 ° of dry steam and alcoholic solution on all surfaces, capable of eliminating all viruses and bacteria by thermal shock (Italian world patent). No chemical product is used, therefore the rooms are immediately habitable after sanitization.

COVID19 - For all guests, for the safety of all visitors to the facility, the temperature at check-in will be measured by means of an infrared detector -no contact- of body temperature. Should a body temperature exceed 37. 5 degrees, it will not be possible to stay at the property, and the entire cost of the stay will be refunded.

COVID19 - At the entrance, a hand sanitizing gel dispenser operating with photocells -no contact- is available to guests.

The strength of B&B Colfelice lies in the excellent connection with the center of Rome and especially in QUALITY OF THE ROOMS, all with private bathroom. Indeed, the structure comes derives from a complete renovation of the building, a dedicated project. I personally supervised the entire process, from design to execution. My specialization as an architect is in receptivity and in this adventure I have put all my experience and my passion.
Declared by the Innkeeper