Via Fondo Noce, 25
After a long and careful work of conservative restoration, one of the last existing ancient courts in the territory of Bisceglie, dating back to the end of the XIX century, has come back to life.

The term “court” tells stories of people and common life because, thanks to its typical shape, many families shared spaces and work. Little flats enclosed in an external common court became animated at the end of the day when the sun went down, and the toils of the day were over and the women met, sitting in the court, to recount their vicissitudes.

The children were somehow everybody's children, and those who could, looked after them with pleasure.

Sometimes, unexpectedly, someone arrived with an accordion and they celebrated, in spite of the tiredness and of a life with a few eases.

Today the court Fondo Noce, although it keeps its structure unaltered, is endowed with all conforts. Three independent rooms overlook a little scented garden of aromatic plants in which it is still possible to breathe that old atmosphere of relax.

A large terrace is the morning frame of a breakfast which will give you the pleasure of tasting cakes and marmelades, home-made just like yesterday.

Located in a strategical position, it is only two minutes away from the state road 16 bis and 5 minutes away from the seaside. Post office, supermarket, recreation centre for children, swimming pool and gym are nearby.
Declared by the Innkeeper