Via San Carlo, 22 - ACIREALE (CT)
Hello everyone! I too am a traveler like you, and I like to think of my home as a place where those who travel the world can find shelter, feeling the warmth of a home around them.

The B&B that I have created has turned into, day by day, year by year, a meeting point, a place to exchange information, impressions, and stories.

We decided to name our B&B after the story of Aci and Galatea. This legend has a Greek origin and explains the wealth of fresh water sources in the Etna area, including Acireale.

The legend tells that, following Aci's death after various adventures, Galatea's endless weeping aroused the compassion of the Gods who wanted to alleviate her torment by transforming Aci into a beautiful river that descends from Etna and flows into the stretch of beach where the two lovers used to meet.

We will host you in a cozy and refined late 19th-century dwelling. The rooms, comfortable and well-furnished, ensure a pleasant and relaxing stay.

On the terrace, you will enjoy our Mediterranean breakfast, enriched by the renowned Acese pastry, and in the evening, wrapped in the scent of jasmine, the city will bid you goodnight with its illuminated domes.

We have two double rooms and one triple room, all carefully decorated and furnished: each room is equipped with heating, air conditioning and a comfortable private bathroom with shower.

Autonomous entrance keys to guarantee maximum independence in managing schedules.

The structure is equipped with free Wifi internet network to allow our guests to connect to the internet, check their mail, and stay updated.
*Declared by the Innkeeper