Via Atropo, 71 - POLIGNANO A MARE (BA)
The house is located in the historic centre, near the Arco Marchesale, in an area full of restaurants and cafes. It is on two levels: on the first floor there are the bedrooms, while on the top one there is the kitchen with a large terrace.

After entering the front door, you climb the stairs to the main floor. Here is a little common area with a desk, a little couch and a shelf for book-crossing. The books are available for the guests and if the story really catches you, you can take the book with you. In case you finish the reading you brought with you for your holiday and like the idea of sharing it with someone else, just leave it among the others, you can also leave a message for the future reader.

From the common area, you can access to the three double bedrooms, each with its own balcony, private bathroom with shower and hair-dryer, safe and digital terrestrial TV. The larger room has also a living room with a little sofa and coffee table.

Using a wooden staircase from this floor you get to the top, where there is a kitchen (equipped also with dishwasher and oven), a small bathroom and a very large terrace (50 sqm!) with deckchairs and outside shower. Here you also find a little room for the washing machine free for use.

We have internet connection, wifi free.

We chose to minimize the impact on the environment by not installing air conditioning. Old houses like this rarely become very hot, because of the thick walls that help keeping the temperature lower than outside and thanks to the shutters that stop the sun but let the air pass. In case you might need it, each room is equipped with an electric fan on the ceiling.

We also have an advanced water filtering system that completely removes the need to buy water in plastic bottles. The water is always available from a special tap and you can also choose if you like it still (cold or at room temperature) or sparkling (only cold).

For the same reason we try to reduce waste: for each guest there will be one full set of towels and only those who stay the whole week, or specifically ask for it, will be provided with two sets.
*Declared by the Innkeeper