Strada Del Poggetto, Snc
The “Azienda Agricola Valborgina” is a unique opportunity for a magic vacation. Our love for this old peaceful site led us to the rebuild of an ancient farm overlooking Castiglione della Pescaia and its sandy beaches, which are only a few minutes drive away. Relax in the privacy of independent small apartments, and enjoy the style of the old days with all the comfort of modern life! Every appartement is equipped with kitchenette, air conditioned, bathroom with shower, car parking, and a grill is always available for fantastic barbecues!
Valborgina estate is 75 hectares of peaceful hills, woods and wilderness. You will love Tuscany, its art, history, architecture, monuments, wilderness, hiking, biking, sunbathing, food, wine… or just relaxing! In Valborgina all this is at arm reach, when you want it. And all to its best..

Declared by the Innkeeper