Via Vittorio Emanuele, 34 - ANAGNI (FR)
The town of Anagni is very well known as “The City of the Popes”, since it has been the birthplace of four Popes (Pope Innocent III, Pope Alexander IV, Pope Gregory IX and Pope Boniface VIII) and to have been the residence of the Popes during long time too (1243-1303).

Particularly, the name of Anagni is bounded up to the life and the history of Pope Boniface VIII and to the episode, remembered in Italian history as the Schiaffo di Anagni ("Anagni's Slap", occurred on September 13th, 1303).

Even if the Middle Ages are the essence of the town, we can find elegant and austere buildings, Romanic churches, bell towers, loggias (like the superb and intact “Loggia del banditore”, actually a window over the Middle Ages) and squares characterized by a sober and essential architecture.

Place of high historical and extremely interesting content are the “Boniface VIII palace” (built in the year 1200), the “Civic palace” (built in the year 1160), the “Barnekow’s house” (XIII century) and the innumerable churches in which stands out the “Cathedral of Anagni”, built over a magnificent crypt where we find beautiful frescos that are evidence of one of the most interesting pictorial season of the Italian thirteenth-century.

Today, Anagni has made a name for itself as commercial trade center and, thanks to the more than five hundred industries, as an industrial and efficient center too that is the biggest one in South of Lazio and one of the biggest in Central Italy.

“Il viaggiatore”, literally “The traveller”, is located in the old town centre of Anagni.

“Il viaggiatore” Bed and Breakfast is the perfect place to enjoy a pleasant and relaxed holiday. The select and glamorous edifice is located in a dreaming corner of the town of Anagni.

Rooms are at different levels, to protect your privacy.

Each room is provided of a private bathroom, air conditioning, WiFi, minibar and coffee service.

The young owners (Enzo and his son Luca) are the perfect blend to let you dive into an unforgettable experience.
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