Via Borghetto, 22 - BEDIZZOLE (BS)
Bedizzole is a town in Brescia's large and great province that can boast an absolutely unique location and atmosphere. Its position makes it the gate to Lake Garda, Italy's largest lake, with which it shares the climate and the lively and dynamic atmosphere without, however, all of the traffic and crowds that characterize it especially during the summer.

Agriculture still plays an essential role in its economy and this explains the good degree of preservation of this area, which is the last outpost of Valtenesi, that is to say the hilly area overlooking the lake's banks in the province of Brescia.

This is a land that produces great wines (protected by the Garda Classico DOC mark), an extra virgin olive oil whose superior quality is renowned the world over as well as superb cooked and salted meats, cheeses, flour, truffles and honey: a complete range of food products that play the starring role in many wine and gastronomical events held during the year.

Bedizzole is a strategic starting point for anyone who wishes to experience and have a taste of Lake Garda, Brescia and its marvelous surroundings, and of the many cities of art in Lombardy and Veneto without ever having to renounce the peace and quiet typical of an ancient rural village.
*Declared by the Innkeeper