If you follow the path through the woods for about a kilometre, leaving the world behind, you come to Casa Payer, an old house in a woodland garden.

Once upon a time an old man used to live here with his pet wild boar.

We first dreamt of such a place during our travels in Asia when we decided we wanted to live secluded in nature and share with our guests the experience of a rural, vegetarian lifestyle, in harmony with the environment.

This is a place where you can reconnect with nature, with yourself and where you can feel the easy simplicity of thr rythm of the seasons.

Five stars, or millions? Come and see for yourselves.

Casa Payer feels a little like an old ship; come sail with us through the woods.

The stone house sits in a glade in the woods where the Chiamogna stream flows; a hidden corner of the Pellice Valley where the natural vegetation has reconquisted the hills and wild animals flourish.

We renovated the house respecting its original characteristics and following the ethics of bio-construction. We thought about the houses in India, made of raw earth. We wanted to live in a magical place that was simple and welcoming. The ingredients we used were cocciopesto, chestnut and larch wood, natural materials fo insulation, wood and solar panels for heating and the collection of rainwater.

From 'Localit√† Collettò, with or without the car, you follow a dirt track for about a kilometre through the woods. It's an especially enjoyable journey on foot.

We offer plentiful sweet and savoury vegetarian and vegan breakfasts - sour dough bread and pizza cooked in the wood burning oven, biscuits and cakes, freshly picked fruit, fruit juices, tisanes and jams made with our garden produce, or picked in the woods or from local producers. We buy fairtrade teas and coffees. A meat free future is both possible and auspicable.

There are three large indipendant rooms in the guest house, each with private bathroom and terrace. The large hayloft with a wonderful view is the ideal spot for reading, listening to or making music, chatting or for small group activities. Casa Payer is situated on one of a series of bike tracks which wind through the woods and connect with the rest of the area. The main centres of the the lower valley, public transport and sports centres are between 2 and 5 kilometres away. We can find you kayak instructors, guides for mountain biking, pony trekking and nordic walking. Here on the hillside there are walks for everybody but also more difficult hikes and treks to discover the mountains of the upper Val Pellice, the important sites of Waldensian history, crossings over cols into the Queyras, the Val Po and the other Waldensian valleys. You can follow the 'Strada Panoramica' (the panoramic road) straight from the house and along to Torre Pellice, enjoying the view from the sunny side of the road. There is an Observatory in Colletto hamlet which holds courses and visits for stargazers.

There are many places to explore, to be alone or in company, at Casa Payer: the herb garden, the courtyard, the field, the hammocks in the birch wood, the footpath by the stream, the covered terraces. This is a place where you can reconnect with nature, with yourself and where you can feel the easy simplicity of the rythm of the seasons. It's an ideal place for children to play and run freely. Have you got a bow and arrow? A field amongst the chestnuts awaits all archers.

On Saturdays we make bread. You can help us make sour dough bread and pizza and cook it in the wood fired oven.

If you're on a walking holiday we can give you a lift to your arrival/departure point.
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