Via Rotabile, 148 - Castellonorato, FORMIA (LT)
Situated on the leafy hills of Castellonorato in Formia, La Palomba bed and breakfast offers a magnificent stay in what is arguably considered the most evocative coastal town in Lazio, lying in between rocky mountains and the blue sea of its gulf. This modern yet rustic villa is surrounded by the green wooded hills characterized by the presence of olive trees that gently descend toward the sea, minutes from Formia, lively city centre situated half-way between Rome and Naples.

Formia rises on the south coast of the Gaeta gulf, enclosed in a semicircle by the Aurunci mount chain (max altitude Mount Petrella 1535mt). Its exceptionally mild climate is vastly due to its position between the sea and the calcareous mountains immediately behind it. The Aurunci chain operates as a natural shield against cold winds therefore Formia offers a milder climate compared to the surrounding areas. In Formia often the sun shines even when rain is forecast! For this reason it is highly advisable to call us for whether info.

In the following months a real-time webcam overlooking the Gaeta gulf will be operating in Formia.
*Declared by the Innkeeper