Via Giuseppe Tanari, 5418 - CASTEL SAN PIETRO TERME (BO)
Built with the sacrifices of Aldo and Linda in 1948 and known as 'La Bottega di Lianò, the tavern was a quiet place of rest for the inhabitants of this small hamlet of Castel San Pietro Terme, on the fresh and sunny hills bolognesi. Con the years, his son Cesare and his wife, Vilma continued the family and the traditional home cooking of Emilia Romagna, leading to the inn to date with the support of the sons Marco and Alessandro.

The Inn & Tavern by Caesar has tried to maintain, renew it, a cozy place to spend carefree hours in front of wholesome foods and wines, with the possibility of a healthy relaxing stay immersed in the green.
*Declared by the Innkeeper