Via Del Cristo, 4/00 - REGGIO EMILIA (RE)
The Bed and Breakfast "Casa Matilde" is located in a
beautiful old building and located in the heart of
center, easy to reach by car and well served
public transportation is the ideal place not only for
the hospitality who stays there, but also
its proximity to theaters, University, Library,
health facilities as the 'Ospedale S. Maria Nuova and
Clinics Villa Salus and Villa Verde, the Centre "L. Malaguzzi" and

• The large size of the house allows us to
offer, in addition to the space cozy living room,
a master bedroom and a luxury suite.

• The suite is completely independent with private bath,
The Manor House is a "blast from the past": both have
air conditioning, television and the bathrooms are equipped with
all that is necessary.

• In each room there is a corner dedicated to the preparation
of tea and herbal teas and there is always fresh fruit.

• It 's the possibility of extra bed or cot.

• The Manor House can be used as a twin / double, triple and
single use.

• Discounts for a minimum stay of three nights.

• Breakfast is continental style and can be enjoyed
in the kitchen or living room. In summer you can
breakfast on the terrace overlooking the courtyard
the Palace.

• Free internet service
• Bicycles are available on request and laundry services Pagobancomat and Credit Card
A short distance from many attractions Casa Matilde

Sala Museo del Tricolore 0, 16 km (Reggio Emilia)
Cathedral of Reggio Emilia 0, 25 km (Reggio Emilia)
Museum of Ghiara 0, 36 km (Reggio Emilia)
Prefecture of Reggio Emilia 0, 41 km (Reggio Emilia)
Basilica of Our Lady of Ghiara 0, 49 km (Reggio Emilia)
Galleria Parmeggiani 0, 53 km (Reggio Emilia)
Faculty of Educational Sciences 0, 73 km (Reggio Emilia)
Missionary Museum Capuchin 0, 82 km (Reggio Emilia)
Clinica Villa Salus 0, 82 km (Reggio Emilia)
Police of Reggio Emilia 0, 90 km (Reggio Emilia)
Helipad HOSPITAL Reggio Emilia 1 1, 15 km (Reggio Emilia)
Hospital Reggio Emilia "Santa Maria Nuova" 1, 29 km (Reggio Emilia)
Court of Reggio Emilia 1, 32 km (Reggio Emilia)
Reggio Emilia station 1, 51 km (Reggio Emilia)
Center Malaguzzi 1, 70 km (Reggio Emilia)
Nursing home Villa Verde 2, 12 km (Reggio Emilia)
Stage "Lily" 3, 02 km (Reggio Emilia)
Airport of Reggio Emilia 3, 31 km (Reggio Emilia)
3 History Museum Psychiatry, 40 km (Reggio Emilia)
A1 Milan-Naples - Reggio Emilia 3, 69 km (Reggio Emilia)
Trade Fair Reggio Emilia 4, 07 km (Reggio Emilia)
Helipad THE MILL 6, 18 km (Reggio Emilia)
Museum Renato Marino Mazzacurati 8, 19 km (Reggio Emilia)
Birthplace of Lazzaro Spallanzani 12, 5 km (Scandiano)
Hospital Magati 12, 7 km (Scandiano)
Airfield CASTELLAZZO 12, 7 km (Reggio Emilia)
Faculty of Agriculture 14, 2 km (Reggio Emilia)
Museum Cervi 15, 3 km (Gattatico)
Airfield TABULARIA 18, 5 km (Poviglio)
Hospital San Sebastiano 19, 0 km (Correggio)
Hospital Franchini 19, 9 km (Montecchio)
Faculty of Communication and Economics 0, 7 km (Reggio Emilia)
Faculty of Engineering 0, 7 km (Reggio Emilia)
Parma Airport 30, 5 km (Parma)
Fiera di Parma 30, 9 km (Parma)
Felino Castle 43, 6 km (Feline)
Museum of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 47, 2 km (Spilamberto)
Terme di Cervarezza Sources of Saint Lucia 47, 4 km (Cervarezza)
Adventure Park Cerwood 47, 7 km (Cervarezza)
*Declared by the Innkeeper