Via Canarecchia, 29/31 - URBINO (PU)
The farm was born from an idea of the family in Aiud boost the synergy between the predominantly agricultural area of the municipality in which he lives (Colby) and the entrepreneurial spirit and offering accommodation that has always characterized the family's experiences.

In 2004, is being bought an old farmhouse in Colbordolo Canarecchia (dating to the early 900) and land owned and leased approximately 8 hectares.

The main idea is to consolidate a multi-activity that includes the production and sale detail of niche products (berries), oil, fruit and vegetables combined offer accommodation of beds and serving of food in restaurants, as well as organizing educational activities related to the agricultural and culinary.

He then proceeded to deliver an Complete house renovation project including the works of conservative renewal of all structures and features related to the agricultural context, however, and a professional interior design of the family context for optimal management of the company itself.

The cottage, in the principal place of which will place the "MONTELIPPO INN", situated in half and cost a few hundred meters from the main route between Pesaro and Urbino (SP423).

The favorable location, as well as the position of absolute tranquility and the prominent presence of green, is also given comfort in the context el'equidistanza reach the town by the co-capitals of the province (21 km Pesaro, Urbino 17 Km).

The city of Urbino, the capital of the homonymous historical duchy, is certainly a point of attraction for the future Guests of the Inn, with its invaluable artistic and cultural offer and the wonderful views of the hills that can give.

Down the renamed " Avenue of Rossini and Raphael "crosses the beautiful village of Montefabbri (twelfth century) located in the town of Colburn (only 2 km from the Inn) and has joined the association "The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy".

It 'worth remembering that Colbert is the birthplace of Giovanni Santi, Raphael's father and himself a painter of renown.

Continuing towards the coast, tourists can 'find numerous monuments and testimonies of the " Gothic Line "to the city of Pesaro, which offers, in addition to the important and prestigious historical and architectural attractions, beaches of high quality, certified by the prestigious recognition of the "Blue Flag".

Do not forget, the Regional Natural Park of San Bartolo, where on the coast overlooking the fabulous trails leading to the nearby "Romagna" (Catholic lies only 22 km from our farm).
*Declared by the Innkeeper