Via Ovidio, 31 - Igea Marina, BELLARIA IGEA MARINA (RN)
Location and style
Our hotel is located at Igea Marina district of Bellaria Igea Marina a few metres from local beaches and lido facilities ('Bagno Piero 56', 'Bagno Mario 57', 'Bagno Gino 59 60', 'Bagno Guerrino 58', 'Bagno Nando 63', 'Bagno Sandro 61', 'Bagno Dario 62', 'Bagno Pietro 65', 'Bagno Romolo 64', 'Bagno Marco 66 67', 'Bagno Renzo 69'...) rich in archaeological sites and buildings of great architectural merit, in a quiet, panoramic setting. "Albergo Villa Lucia" is a smart, welcoming venue.
Travellers staying with us will be able to stroll around the lights and colours of the shopping streets enjoy local craft products, explore tradition and culture along your own delicious fine food and wine trail, explore cultural events and exhibitions.
Nearby our guests will find several monuments and famous places, sports and fitness centres for working out on holiday.
Our property is the ideal location for families who like to travel and want to feel at home.
Accommodation features
our guests receive en-suite bathroom in every room, internet, dedicated spaces for smokers, guests are free to return at any time of night, car park, parking slot.
Our rooms
Our rooms include beds for children (to be requested when booking), television, mirror with luggage rack.
There are 12 rooms with en-suite bathroom.
We will greet you in the morning with a plentiful, delicious breakfast.
Hosts will provide the information needed in Italian and in English, german.
*Declared by the Innkeeper