Via Prealpi, 34 - LECCO (LC)
The Partenza Funivia Piani d'Erna Bed&Breakfast is located on hill, at 602m a.s.l., where the city of Lecco is still an alive and authentic image of an inimitable landscaped reality.

The B&B is situated near the valley station of the Piani d'Erna cableway. It is easily accessible from the city, also with public transport.

Behind the structure stands Monte Resegone, while in front of it there are Monte Barro and the Moregallo, with their amazing sunsets. Instead, on the left, there is the Grignetta (Grigna Meridionale), which with its sunrises offers fabulous play of light.

Our B&B is the ideal starting point for excursions to Monte Resegone and, for those that are well trained, to Versasio and Stoppani cliffs. A few minutes walk away there's also the attack of the Via Ferrata Gamma 1 that brings you to Pizzo d'Erna.

The B&B is also a good foothold for literature lovers that want to make a tour of Manzoni's places. In the nearby neighborhood of Acquate you can visit the chapel where don Abbondio met i bravi.
*Declared by the Innkeeper