Piazza Milite Ignoto, 2/2
Receiving and refined, un' elegant sistemazione right in the center historical to two steps from main monuments and the charming sea of Hires, comfortable to all the services, the stores and the average publics. The originality of Cinzia, holder of this Rom & Breakfast from the scents and the sapori of the Ancient Marine Republic of Hires, renders it ideal or for a vacation of little days, or for a more long-lasting stay, or for a simple transfer of job. All the five rooms show oneself on the typical alleys of the nolese historical center, thus the sayings caruggi, thus to make to breathe to the customers the medieval air, period of fulgore maximum of our citizen, without to make to lack the comfort the modern era: conditioned air, private services, television 16: 9, connection WI-FI, and a lot other. House of the Mombri has been obtained, inside of a pointed out nineteenth-century palace on the public square of the town hall, adorned from arches, times and little ones details that added to an intelligent one and studied restructure work, have rendered it a comfortable one and rinomato point of support for your stays. The name of the rooms: aquamarine (double), amethyst (double), amber (triple), steal (to miniums suitte) and turchese (single) have been chosen after taken care of directly carried out a chromatic and sensory study from the conduttrice. The breakfast comes served in a wide stay from the inks pastel, true nevralgico center of the structure. The menu spaces from the classic Italian breakfast with shadings on the foreign breakfast, without to forget the typical products about the coast of placing like the focaccia. House of the Mombri. to the aim to supply a more and more complete service, it is operating within the national health service with other tourist-receptive structures of Hires, which restaurants, bar, etc…
Declared by the Innkeeper