Strada 22 Est, 10 - ARBOREA (OR)
Is a magnificent residence in a small country estate, designed in detail by the owners. It is situated on a verdant hill, with grass and trees and large shady veranda at the entrance, ideal to enjoy breakfast outdoors and to relax after a day of sun and sea or for a romantic evening, swing in a hammock watching the stars, a truly exceptional vision in the summer.

The structure of the house ensures your peace and privacy, because the bedroom is totally separate from that day admission.

There is an exclusive spacious and bright two double bedrooms, and one triple room with two private bath.

• Admission free and independent at each time
• Rooms available from June to September
• accommodation ideal for couples
In the basement of the villa, a charming apartment of 50 square meters is perfect for a family and is available all year round. It consists of a bedroom and living room with double sofa bed and kitchenette, plus the services.

• Separate entrance
• Apartment available all year
• accommodation ideal for couples with children
*Declared by the Innkeeper