Loc. Carpeneda, 34 - FOLGARIA (TN)
A sunny place so that the working day was much longer, hence the name Longanorbait (long day).

The Bed & Breakfast Folgaria Longanorbait is on the banks of the River Horse (Rossbach), where legend has it.. That there lived in a cave near a witch who frightened the children who passed. Annoyed by his behavior the children one day decided to drive it using a particular device. The witch had a lot of fear because of the miracle of sound (rattles), when he felt he could not stand it and lost all his evil powers. The kids were all assembled by the witch and began to "play" the miracle, for the whole day until they run away. Since then, they could finally play happy. Even today in memory of the legend is celebrated Folgaria, all dressed in masks in the streets of the center the good part
*Declared by the Innkeeper