Via Nettuno, 65
The Restaurant. The Pasquale a Mare Restaurant, with an exclusively familiar management, has two carefully furnished rooms: the speciality are the sea ones, obviously. In particular way the famous “Spaghetti alla Pasquale” and “Cuttlefish alla Pasquale” are advised..The kitchen gives value to every speciality of the place and makes precious it. Cilento and Sele Piana show a great gastronomic variety. For example the buffalo mozzarella DOP, a real table queen, and the famous Paestum artichoke..

The Pizzeria. Campania, of course, means pizza too. Here the pizza needs a different speech. “Pasquale a mare”, indeed, lets marry the buffalo Campania mozzarella, a typical production of the country, in a marriage between freshness and inimitability. Pizza pazza, anemica, bella di notte, are only some specialities that you can taste in the “Pasquale a mare” Pizzeria. The fantasy and the creativity of the pizza maker Diego wait for you every evening to amaze you with an explosion of taste and unforgettable tastes.

The Guest House. The “Pasquale a Mare” Guest House, has perfectly furnished rooms overlooked a large park. Each room has autonomous services and various comforts like tv set and air conditioning/ heating, and assures a totally relaxed stay. The rooms setting gives in guests a sense of pleasure and well-being...The colours are the soft green put near the gay and bright suminer colours.

The structure. The “Pasquale a mare” Restaurant Pizzeria is built about 200 mt. from the Paestum archaeological site, one of the Campania pearls and World Human Heritage. The structure is large and cosy. Rooms style and decorations recall in an elegant way the typical architecture of the Magna Graecia. The results are a very suggestive dive in the lost environment of gone time. “Pasquale a mare” represents the ideal solution for those who want to choose a very relaxed holyday, but a cultural one, for his position that is the envy between the sea and the history. Around the structure, infact, you can find the Archaeological Museum, in which one of the few tomb painting made in a Greek way, the famous Tuffatore Tomb (reproduced in the restaurant too) is preserved, the so named Heraion, the tempie dedicated to Hera Argiva on the Sele River mouth, the Madonna del Granato Sanctuary...Finally, in a littie waste of time, you can reach the most important Campania touristand cultural places like: Pompei, Neaples, The Padula Certosa in the North, Velia and the seaside localities Palinuro and Camerota in the South.
Declared by the Innkeeper