Via C .battisti 59, 59 - ROLO (RE)
The B&B is situated in the peaceful Reboglio rich farmland that surrounds ancient village Rolo Padano cheese. In a friendly and cordial, family Carletti is pleased to welcome guests in the area for business, fairs, or alternative tourism.

Renovated in 2010, we maintained the original spirit especially with the ceiling beams that maintain over time the taste of an old farmhouse.. in the morning in the dining room overlooking the park, we will be at your disposal for a
genuine and hearty breakfast, we prepared starting a good day,
  a chair, a table, a flower, a friend who listens to you, there is a cup of coffee, high quality, all this has a name, reinventing the simplicity, maybe you should not promise and surprise, the sixth sense will get you come, to find two young elders who do not want to adapt to what life would be reserved to them, so after reaching retirement age, we want to know a new dimension, having the opportunity in our home, we decided to initiate this accommodation realtà. una an environment that is not only useful to people but important for, or feel viandante. e say positive things that we flatter,. Who can not distinguish a rare flower from a common flower, always will collect the first to recover, do not wait for things to happen, I prefer to make them happen, I would like to point out and make known B & B. Reboglio.. Io are James the manager and if I may, I wish you discovered the. Qualità money
*Declared by the Innkeeper