Via Chiessi, 13
This house was purchased in 1850 by great-grandparents, Mary A. and C. Joseph, the current owner. Had already been built in 1830 using the type material of that time: stones from the river dry stone craft of the old Roman kiln.

Was inherited in 1938 by the grandparents Victor C. Tilde and B.

One year after the outbreak of the Second World War and during that time were housed many displaced persons from Reggio Emilia and Modena.

When the war ended, the house had escaped unharmed and the arrival of American troops, Victor C. gave him permission to set up a base camp on his farm.

Today, this treasure of memories belonging to Emily B.

The latter, being very much tied to the history of this house decided to renovate it and thanks to the space it has enjoyed a Bed and Breakfast: The - Bed and Breakfast CASA TILDE-in honor of one of the strongest and most courageous women the world, his grandmother Tilde B. source of inspiration and example to his own willpower and determination even in the darkest moments.
Declared by the Innkeeper